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Clear Choices was :: Re: Vectors as functions

Peter J. Wasilko, Esq. wrote:

>     Have you run across any papers formalizing this grid notion?

I've even written a few (-:.  A good reference would be the ECOOP 98
paper by Krishnamurthi, Felleisen and Friedman, which has two good
companions: the follow-up by Findler and Flatt at ICFP 98 and the
contemporaneous one by Smaragdakis and Batory in ECOOP 98.  But the
origin of this problem goes back to Reynolds, Cook and others, which
should be cited in my ECOOP paper.

>     It seems to me that we can reasonably punt this recognition problem
> to the programmer by having him or her use the Semantic Block construct
> so one could nest a lower language level within a higher one  [...]

I've thought about this.  It's tempting but very difficult.  The
problem is one of mixing what are fundamentally different semantics.
See the papers on modular denotational specifications (Cartwright and
Felleisen 1994 is a very well exposited starting point).