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Re: A Patent on Continuations?

Avi, thank you for clarifying the patent issue.
I just returned from my vacations in Rockies so I couldn't respond to
initial messages on time...

About software patents:
I think the system is abused mainly because of lack of experience in USPTO.
IMHO they need to hire more smart and knowledgeable guys to REALLY review
the applications.

Serguei Mourachov


On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, Avi Bryant wrote:

> Before everyone gets up in arms - I'm pretty sure that the patent
> mentioned is not for the concept of continuations, but for a particular
> implementation technique: using a metacircular bytecode interpreter to
> allow certain portions of a program to capture first class continuations
> even though the underlying VM (in this case, Java's) doesn't support them.
> I have no idea whether or not this patent is valid, but it's not as
> clearly bogus as one on continuations would be.
> Avi