Manuel Blum's Advice to a Beginning Grad Student
A beautiful reminder of the "Big Picture" of grad school.
Mor Harchol-Balter on Applying to CS PhD Programs
The best advice I have seen on the CS grad school application process.
Richard Hamming on "You and Your Research"
Every time I look back at this, I learn something new.


San Francisco Bay Web Cam
A 24/7 live view of the Bay Area from the Lawrence Hall of Science
"On the Complexity of Coding" by Gelfand, Dobrushin, and Pinsker
An obscure paper I found useful

good music

Los van van ⋅ Arlus Mabele ⋅ Franco (the musician) ⋅ General Defao ⋅ James Brown ⋅ Cesaria Evora ⋅ Peter Tosh ⋅ Bob Marley ⋅ Boys of the Lough ⋅ Ratatat ⋅ Al Green ⋅ Groundation ⋅ Stevie Wonder ⋅ The Beatles ⋅ Aretha Franklin ⋅ Fela Kuti ⋅ Oumou Sangare ⋅ Victor Wooten ⋅ Ahmad Jamal ⋅ Jesús Dias ⋅ Ray Brown ⋅ Ray Charles ⋅ Salif Keita ⋅ Toots and the Maytals ⋅ John Calloway ⋅ and on and on …

this site

When keeping my hand-coded single-page website up to date became a burden, I started looking around for a good web framework to use instead. It turns out that there are more web frameworks in the world than there are hot sauces, so I confined my search to frameworks that produce static HTML pages. Static sites are nice because you can host them anywhere, they are less vulnerable to all sorts of attacks, and they do not require you to keep a database server up and running.

I ended up using Middleman to build this website. I also tried using Nanoc, but Middleman has proved superior for a number of reasons.


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