Reconciling Elastic and Equilibrium Methods for Static Analysis
work with Christopher Porst, Etinne Vouga, John Ochsendorf and Fredo Durand
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) Volume 35 Issue 2, May 2016
Presented at SIGGRAPH 2016
Original Video and Visual Transcript
Abstract: We examine two widely used classes of methods for static analysis of masonry buildingsā€“linear elasticity analysis using finite elements and equilibrium methods. It is often claimed in the literature that finite element analysis is less accurate than equilibrium analysis when it comes to masonry analysis; we examine and qualify this claimed inaccuracy, provide a systematic explanation for the discrepancy observed between their results, and present a unified formulation of the two approaches to stability analysis. We prove that both approaches can be viewed as equivalent, dual methods for getting the same answer to the same problem. We validate our observations with simulations and physical tilt experiments of structures.
Paper (pdf 102MB)