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I am a graduate student in EECS and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at MIT CSAIL, advised by Phillip Isola. My current interests are in computer vision and image synthesis. I spent the past summer at Adobe Research working with Richard Zhang, Jun-Yan Zhu, and Eli Shechtman. I also frequently collaborate with Ser-Nam Lim at Facebook.

Previously I was at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. I did an MPhil in Machine Learning, where I studied uncertainty and interpretability in Bayesian neural networks. I am extremely grateful for support from the Churchill Scholarship.

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Computer Science and Bioengineering. I worked with Dr. Danielle S. Bassett in computational neuroscience, focusing on modelling neural processes as dynamic networked systems.


Using latent space regression to analyze and leverage compositionality in GANs
Lucy Chai, Jonas Wulff, Phillip Isola.
International Conference on Learning Representations, 2021
[Paper+Code Coming Soon!]
What makes fake images detectable? Understanding properties that generalize
Lucy Chai, David Bau, Ser-Nam Lim, Phillip Isola.
European Conference on Computer Vision, 2020
On the "steerability" of generative adversarial networks
Ali Jahanian*, Lucy Chai*, Phillip Isola.
International Conference on Learning Representations, 2020
Evolution of semantic networks in biomedical texts
Lucy R. Chai, Dale Zhou, Danielle S. Bassett
Journal of Complex Networks, 2019.
Uncertainty Estimation in Bayesian Neural Networks and Links to Interpretability
Lucy R. Chai
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2018.
[Thesis] [Code]
Name and Face Matching
John C. Henderson, Abigail Gertner, Jeffrey Zarella, Lucy R. Chai, Keith Miller
MITRE Corporation; US. Patent App. 16/042,958.
Development of a Next Generation Tomosynthesis System
Jeffrey E. Eben, Trevor L. Vent, Chloe J. Choi, Sushmitha Yarrabothula, Lucy Chai,
Margaret Nolan, Elizabeth Kobe, Raymond J. Acciavatti, Andrew D. A. Maidment
SPIE Medical Imaging Conference, 2018.
Evolution of brain network dynamics in neurodevelopment
Lucy R. Chai, Ankit N. Khambhati, Rastko Ciric, Tyler M. Moore, Ruben C. Gur,
Raquel E. Gur, Theodore D. Satterthwaite, Danielle S. Bassett
Network Neuroscience, 2017.
[Paper] [Code]
Functional network dynamics of the language system
Lucy R. Chai, Marcelo G. Mattar, Idan A. Blank, Evelina Fedorenko, Danielle S. Bassett
Cerebral Cortex, 2016.


Fluid Mechanics (BE350), UPenn
Teaching Assistant with Prof. Dan Huh
Spring 2017

Automata, Computability, Complexity (CIS262), UPenn
Teaching Assistant with Prof. Aaron Roth
Fall 2016

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