Peter Szolovits’ Students


I have had the privilege since 1974 of working with some of the world’s best students at MIT.  This listing, in chronological order and categorized by their educational level, shows their research theses, and in some cases links to the documents themselves. I have also hosted a few post-doctoral fellows and trainees in our biomedical informatics training program, and I list them even though they did not write theses under my supervision.  A number of students also worked on their research under the co-supervision of colleagues, in which case I have tried to list their co-supervisors.

Doctoral Theses, Supervisor

  1. 1.Swartout, William R. "Producing Improved Explanations and Justifications of Expert Consulting Programs Using an Automatic Programming Approach." Jan 1981.

  2. 2.Patil, Ramesh. "A Program for Expert Diagnosis and Treatment of Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disturbances." Oct 1981.

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  23. 23.Perry, John C. "The Psychophysiology of Risk Processing and Decision Making at a Regional Stock Exchange." Co-supervised with Andrew W. Lo. May 2007.

  24. 24.Lasko, Tom. "Improving methods of anonymization of privacy-sensitive databases." Co-supervised with Staal Vinterbo. Aug 2007.

  25. 25.Cassa, Chris. "Privacy and Identifiability in Clinical Research, Personalized Medicine, and Public Health Surveillance." Aug 2008.

  26. 26.Hug, Caleb. “Detecting Hazardous Intensive Care Patient Episodes Using Real-time Mortality Models.” May 2009.

  27. 27.Rudin, Robert. Using Information Technology to Exchange Health Information among Healthcare Providers: Measuring Usage and Understanding Value. Engineering Systems Division, co-supervised with Stuart Madnick. Aug 2011.

  28. 28.Bodnari, Andreea. “Joint Multilingual Learning for Coreference Resolution.” Co-supervised with Pierre Zweigenbaum, LIMSI, France, and Özlem Uzuner, SUNY/Albany.  May 2014.

  29. 29.Meyer, Mark. “Predicting Outcomes in Anesthesia by Machine Learning and Large Datasets.” On leave to complete his anesthesia training.

  30. 30.Luo, Yuan. “Towards a Unified Multi-Modal Knowledge Representation and Learning Framework in the Biomedical Domain.” Aug. 2015.

  31. 31.Zhang, Ying. "Prediction for Glycemic Control in Critical Care." On leave.

  32. 32.Ghassemi, Marzyeh. “Representation Learning in Multi-dimensional Clinical Timeseries for Risk and Event Prediction.” Expected June 2017.

  33. 33.Dernoncourt, Franck. “Sequential Short-Text Classification with Neural Networks.” Expected June 2017.

  34. 34.Lee, Jenny (Ji Young). “Medical Information Extraction with Neural Networks.” Expected June 2017.

  35. 35.Naumann, Tristan. Developing proposal on using linguistic analysis to understand clinical narratives.

  36. 36.Boag, William. Developing proposal on interpreting psychiatric notes.

  37. 37.McDermott, Matthew. Developing proposal on genomic translational data analysis.

Doctoral Theses, Reader

  1. 1.Borkin, Sheldon. "Equivalence Properties of Semantic Data Models for Database Systems." Jan 1979.

  2. 2.Sidner, Candace. "Towards a Computational Theory of Definite Anaphora Comprehension in English Discourse." Jun 1979.

  3. 3.Doyle, Jon. "Reflexive Interpreters." Jun 1980.

  4. 4.Church, Kenneth W. "Phrase-Structure Parsing: A Method for Taking Advantage of Allophonic Constraints." Jan 1983.

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  35. 35.Chao, Chih-Yu. “A Rule-based Decision-making System for a ‘Polite’ Mobile Device.” Dec 2010.

  36. 36.Klann, Jeffrey. “An Automated System for Generating Situation-Specific Decision Support in Clinical Order Entry from Local Empirical Data.” School of Informatics, Indiana University.  Aug 2011.

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  42. 42.Mateus, Ashley. “Evaluation of Teledermatology in the Veterans Health Administration. Feb 2015.

  43. 43.Arjun  (Raj) K. Manrai. “Statistical Foundations for Precision Medicine.” Health Sciences and Technology. Feb 2015.

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  45. 45.Altshuler, Robert. “Computational Personal Genomics: Understanding the Functional Effects of Sequence Variation.” Aug. 2015.

  46. 46.Farve, Niaja. “Wearable Applications for Improved Well-Being.” June 2016.

  47. 47.Wang, Tong. “Interpretable Machine Learning for Finding Decision-Oriented Patterns in Data.” June 2016.

  48. 48.Gombolay, Matthew. Developing thesis on joint human-robot scheduling in manufacturing and health care. Dec 2016.

  49. 49.Kim, Yongwook Bryce. “Mining Massive Physiological Waveform Repositories for Large-Scale Patient Retrieval and Critical Event Prediction.” May 2017.

  50. 50.Haslam, Bryan. “Learning diseases from data.” Aug 2017.

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  52. 52.Belinkov, Yonatan. Internal Representations in Deep Learning for Language and Speech Processing. April 2018.

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  54. 54.Nosakhare, Ehimwenma. A Probabilistic Framework for Assessing Well-Being and Recommending Healthy Behaviors. MIT Media Lab. Expected June 2018.

  55. 55.Prasad, Varesh. Developing a thesis on management of sepsis in emergency medicine.  Expected Sep 2018.

Master’s (S.M. and M.Eng.) and Engineer’s Theses

  1. 1.Swartout, William R. "A Digitalis Therapy Advisor with Explanations." Co-supervised with W. A. Martin. Feb 1977.

  2. 2.Smith, Brian C. "Levels, Layers, and Planes: The Framework of a System of Knowledge Representation Semantics." Jan 1978.

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  74. 74.Girkar, Uma. Using Deep Learning to Improve Patient Selection for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Therapy. Expected Aug 2018.

S.B. Theses & Advanced Undergraduate Projects

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Post-Doctoral Fellows, Visitors and Affiliates

  1. 1.Goldberger, Harold. Visiting Scientist, grad student, early-1980‘s.

  2. 2.Senyk, Oksana. Postdoc.

  3. 3.Halamka, John. Medical Informatics Fellow, 1996-8.

  4. 4.Mandl, Kenneth. Medical Informatics Fellow.

  5. 5.Cao, Cungen. Postdoc, 1998-9.

  6. 6.Fraser, Hamish. Postdoc.

  7. 7.Mohtashemi, Mojdeh. Postdoc.

  8. 8.Uzuner, Özlem. Postdoc, 2005-6.

  9. 9.Doyle, Jon. Research Affiliate.

  10. 10.Alterovitz, Gil. Research Affiliate.

  11. 11.McGeachie, Michael. Research Affiliate.

  12. 12.Kohane, Isaac. Research Affiliate.

  13. 13.Lacson, Ronilda. Research Affiliate.

  14. 14.Adlassnig, Peter. Visitor, Sep 2008.

  15. 15.Klann, Jeff.

  16. 16.Joshi, Rohit. Postdoc 2010-2013

  17. 17.Berkoben, Keith, Research Assistant

  18. 18.Rumshisky, Anna, Postdoc 2011-12.

  19. 19.Williams, Joshua, MSRP summer intern, 2015.

  20. 20.Hassanpour, Saeed, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Data Science, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. Mentorship.