Rohit Joshi

Research Affliate. Previously, Postdoctoral Associate in Prof. Peter Szolovits Group

I have accepted an exciting postion in industry as a data scientist. You can still contact me at my MIT email.

I am interested in products informed by data. My research has been in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in modeling health data.

Research Topics:

  • Representation-based Machine Learning: Deep Learning, Graphical Models, Tensor Factorization, Social Graph Mining
  • Text-based Machine Learning: Natural Language Processing, Topic Models
  • Forecasting and Recommendation: Personalization, Context-aware computing
  • Data Streams and analytics: Data Visualization, Quantified Society
  • Anticipatory Healthcare: Health IT, Mobile Health


I have been involved in developing a few open-source technologies (Sana, SliTaz Linux, Reseasy).

MIT Computer Science and AI Labs (CSAIL)
Stata Center, 32 Vassar Street, 32-252
Cambridge, MA - 02139 (directions)
(617)-253-3510 (office)
(567)-277-3594 (mobile)