About Me

I am currently a PhD student at MIT CSAIL in the Computer Graphics group, advised by Prof. Fredo Durand. I also collaborate closely with Prof. Tzu-Mao Li and Prof. Jonathan Ragan-Kelley

Currently, I focus on differentiable simulation methods, more specifically, on differentiable rendering and its applications to computer vision and perception. Other topics I'm actively pursuing include compilers for differentiable programming, real-time path tracing, neural rendering, and physically-based modelling.

My previous experience includes a 6-month research staff position at CMU (advised by Prof. Ioannis Gkioulekas and Prof. Anat Levin) and two consecutive summer internships at INRIA (advised by Prof. George Drettakis).

In my time-off, I like to travel, take pictures, and design websites. The end of this webpage has a few of my favourite pictures.

You can find a copy of my CV here!

If you have any questions, contact me at sbangaru@mit.edu


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2019 - current
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MS in CS (CSD)
2017 - 2019
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BTech (CSE)
2013 - 2017
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Research Intern
Summer 2021
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SWE Intern
Summer 2018
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Research Intern
Summer 2016
Summer 2017


Conference proceedings and Journal publications


Systematically Differentiating Parametric Discontinuities

Sai Praveen Bangaru*, Jesse Michel*, Kevin Mu, Gilbert Bernstein, Tzu-Mao Li, Jonathan Ragan-Kelley

This work systematically address the challenges of differentiating parametric discontinuities under integration, by developing a programming language, proving correctness of its semantics, and demonstrating applications including shader design and contact simulation.

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Unbiased Warped-Area Sampling for Differentiable Rendering

Sai Praveen Bangaru, Tzu-Mao Li, Fredo Durand

First paper to derive and implement an unbiased estimator in the area-measure for the differentiable rendering equation.

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Towards Reflectometry from Inter-reflections

Kfir Shem-Tov*, Sai Praveen Bangaru*, Anat Levin, Ioannis Gkioulekas

Applies a path-space differentiable rendering algorithm to improve photometric BSDF recovery using concave objects.

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CMU Technical Reports

Towards Shape Reconstruction through Differentiable Rendering

Sai Praveen Bangaru

A solution to the problems with shape-recovery methods. Uses a mitsuba shape-differentiable path tracer and a TensorFlow optimizer to obtain accurate reconstructions in the presence of interreflections and non-lambertian surfaces.

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IIT-Madras Technical Reports

Action Conditional Projection Neural Networks

Sai Praveen Bangaru

Similar to Action-Conditional Video Prediction, which predicts the next frame of an ATARI game given the user input, ACPNNs are designed to predict 2D and 3D environments where the output is based on perspective vision.

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NIPS Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop 2016

Multi-task Reinforcement Learning

Sai Praveen Bangaru, Suhas Jayaram, Balaraman Ravindran

Exploration in multi-task reinforcement learning is critical in training agents to deduce the underlying MDP. We present a novel method to facilitate exploration in multi-task reinforcement learning using deep generative models.

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Pictures from around the world!