Photo Sequencing  
Tali Dekel Basha              Yael Moses              Shai Avidan
Abstract   Dynamic events such as family gatherings, concerts or sports events are often captured by a group of people. The set of still images obtained this way is rich in dynamic content but lacks accurate temporal information. We propose a method for photo-sequencing - temporally ordering a set of still images taken asynchronously by a set of uncalibrated cameras. Photo-sequencing is an essential tool in analyzing (or visualizing) a dynamic scene captured by still images. The first step of the method detects sets of corresponding static and dynamic feature points across images. The static features are used to determine the epipolargeometry between pairs of images, and each dynamic feature votes for the temporal order of the images in which it appears. The partial orders provided by the dynamic features are not necessarily consistent, and we use rank aggregation to combine them into a globally consistent tem-poral order of images. We demonstrate successful photo sequencing on several challenging collections of images taken using a number of mobile phones.
Paper [ECCV'12]       
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boats basketball skateboard slide
Boats (15 images, 2 cameras) Basketball (8 images, 2 cameras) Skateboard (9 images, 2 cameras) Slide (10 images, 5 cameras)