. Machine Comprehension of Spoken Content: TOEFL Listening Test and Spoken SQuAD. To appear in TASLP, 2019.

Preprint Project

. FAKTA: An Automatic End-to-End Fact Checking System. NAACL (demo), 2019.

Preprint PDF Project

. Multi-Label Zero-Shot Learning with Structured Knowledge Graphs. CVPR, 2018.

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Multi-Label Zero-Shot Recognition with Knowledge Graphs

Inspired by the way humans utilize semantic knowledge between objects of interests, we propose a novel deep learning framework that incorporates knowledge graphs for describing the relationships between multiple labels to achieve multi-label zero-shot learning (ML-ZSL).

Modular Chatbot

We built a modular dialogue system with deep learning techniques for the task of assisting people in department stores.

MasterView (VR System)

At the 2016 HackNTU Hackathon, our team developed MasterView, a virtual reality system that shows the expert’s moves in first-person perspective so the user can imitate and practice.

Slither.AR (AR Game)

Using common and well-known development tools, we transform, a game based on ‘Snake’, into an interactive augmented-reality game.

Large Scale Equivalence Checking and Functional Correction

In the 2015 CAD Contest, we developed a system to identify equivalent cuts in both equivalent and nonequivalent circuits for design partitioning.

uHu - a Resale Service

At the 2015 HackNTU Hackathon, our team built a second-hand trading platform, uhu, which provided services for booking, notifications, and filtering functions based on Facebook trading groups, in under 42 hours.


Teaching Assistant

Machine Learning, Fall 2016/Spring 2017, NTU EE

Teaching Assistant

Special Topics in Data Analytics and Modeling, Fall 2016, NTU CSIE

Teaching Assistant

Signals and Systems, Spring 2016, NTU EE


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