Andreas R Pfenning




My motivation is to understand the principles that govern complex vertebrate behaviors and neurological disorders from a genetic and evolutionary perspective. I have a broad base of knowledge in computational biology, computer science, statistics, neurobiology, general biology, avian biology, genomics, genetics, personal genomics, and epigenetics, with a focus on analysis of stimulus-activated gene regulation in the brain.

I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up there in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. My father's from Germany and I picked up the language by spending summers there. These days, I enjoy running, swimming, cross country skiing, and cooking with my wife, Mary. When we can, we spend time at York Beach in Maine or in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral Associate, 2012-present
Computational Biology Group of Prof Manolis Kellis
Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Duke University
PhD Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 2006-2012
Advisor Prof Erich D Jarvs, Co-advisor Prof Alexander J Hartemink
Department of Neurolobiology

Carnegie Mellon University
BS Computer Science, 2002-2006
Research advisors Prof Alison L Barth and Prof Russell Schwartz
School of Computer Science