Planning for Human-Robot Interaction:

Shared Autonomy and Collaborative Robotics

RSS 2016 Workshop - 18 June 2016

AIJ Student Travel Grant

Call For Submissions:

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There is significant interest in integrating research across the disciplines of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. To support this, the Artificial Intelligence Journal has generously provided funding for two student travel grants of $1,500 each. These grants support students performing AI research to attend RSS 2016 and the RSS 2016 Workshop on Planning for Human Robot Interaction: Shared Autonomy and Collaborative Robotics.

RSS is one of the premier venues for robotics research worldwide. The RSS Workshop on Planning for HRI focuses on planning for human-robot collaboration, both for autonomous robots working side-by-side with humans, and for shared autonomy in which a user’s control input is blended with autonomous robot control. Awarded students will have the opportunity to present their research in a short talk at the workshop.

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) is an excellent entry point into robotics for the AI community. HRC requires algorithms that efficiently learn user preferences from few demonstrations, perform online inference of user intent, and build dynamic models of human satisfaction and trust. AI techniques, such as dynamic Bayesian networks, reinforcement learning, and task allocation and scheduling, are already used to support human-robot collaboration.

Students receiving the travel grant must attend both the workshop (June 18) and RSS (June 20-22). By applying for this award, students are committing to attending both the workshop and the main conference. If the award is not sufficient for travel and registration, it must be supplemented by additional funding from other sources.

Abstracts should be submitted as a PDF file using the same format as for the main RSS conference submissions.

Students must submit:

1. A two-page extended abstract of their research, which highlights how their work supports the integration of artificial intelligence and robotics.

2. A current CV.

•Note: students who already submitted a first-author paper to the workshop can submit a supplementary single-page abstract on the theme of integrating AI and robotics, along with a CV, to be considered for this award.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: Sunday, May 22nd AoE

Workshop date: Saturday, June 18

Conference date: June 20-22

AI Student Awards Recipients:

Explicable Plans for Human-Robot Teams
Anagha Kulkarni
Group Behaviors for Fluent Human-Robot Interaction
Tariq Iqbal