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I am Director of Computational Biology at Evelo Biosciences, where we aim to discover new therapies designed to act on the gut-body network for the treatment of immuno inflammatory, metabolic, neurological diseases and cancer.

Prior to Evelo I was Head of Computational Biology & Data Science at Camp4 Therapeutics, a gene control startup, and a Senior Scientist at Biogen where I led an epigenomic natural history study and managed the Epigenetics and Cell & Gene Therapy group's NGS analysis efforts for target discovery and the establishment of novel therapeutic modalities.

I trained as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the labs of Douglas Melton at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and David Gifford. at MIT. There I applied diverse NGS-based assays to study chromatin dynamics and the epigenetic regulation of pluripotent cells during differentiation - identifying novel mechanisms and factors controlling cell state change and developing new methods for studying heterogeneous cell populations.

I completed my Ph.D. at MIT, in the labs of Bonnie Berger and Srini Devadas, and Susan Lindquist at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. There I developed algorithms to characterize the folding and misfolding of proteins and RNA, and for modeling the inhibition of amyloid fibril formation.