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Daniel Jackson

Professor, Computer Science
MacVicar Teaching Fellow
Software Design Group
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
Dept. of Electrical Eng. & Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Research. My current focus is on new approaches to software design for improved usability and reduce development cost; new programming paradigms; security-by-design for cyberphysical systems [paper] and web apps [paper]. I have general interests in lightweight formal methods (such as Alloy) and the role of design thinking in software.

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My book: MIT Press catalog entry, resources, buy from
Alloy: website, Scientific American article
Software Design Group: publications, projects, people, my talks

University Activities. I am an associate director of CSAIL, and faculty director of MISTI-MEET, and was president of MIT Hillel from 2012-16. I am a member of the editorial board of the MIT Press, and the advisory board of MEET. I ran Dinner@6 for several years with Irwin Pless, chaired a task force on learning environments for MITx, and was previously the chair of graduate students in computer science.

Professional Activities. ACM Fellow. Recent keynotes at ISSTA 2015, SATURN 2016 (great sketchnote by MJ Broadbent), and FSE, and distinguished lectures in 2016 at UIUC and UMass Amherst. I chaired a National Academies study on software dependability and certification, and was a member of another study investigating unintended acceleration. I have consulted for many companies; I worked with Protom International on the design of a new proton therapy machine, and am currently working with MIT Professional Education and Accenture Solutions on security education for software architects. I am a member of IFIP Working Group 2.3 (Programming Methodology). I received the 2016 SIGSOFT Impact Award with Mandana Vaziri for our 2001 paper on verifying code with SAT.

Community Activities. I am a trustee of Gann Academy. I was a member of the Crystal Lake Working Group in Newton from 2013-15. I started Todah VeZimrah with Joshua Jacobson and was a founder of Yedid Nefesh.

Writing: What I learned from a nanoquiz (2014); A fast (and live) introduction to JavaScript (2013)
Fa16, Fa15, Fa14, Fa13, Sp13, Fa12, Sp12, Fa11: 6.170: Software Studio
Sp14: 6.813: User Interface Design and Implementation
Sp10, Fa09, Fa08, Sp08, Fa07: 6.005: Elements of Software Construction; Paper about 6.005's design
Sp06: 6.826: Principles of Computer Systems
Sp05: 6.894: Lightweight Formal Methods
Sp01, Sp03, Sp09: 6.033: Computer Systems Engineering
Fa01, Fa02, Fa04, Fa05, Fa06: 6.170: Lab in Software Engineering; Lecture Notes
Sp02: 6.898: Advanced Topics in Software Design
Fa97, Fa99: 6.001: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Photography. Site here. My current project is Soulstrong: Portraits of Resilience, a series of images and stories about depression and related challenges. I made a book of portraits of the administrative assistants of CSAIL, which was printed by Edition One but can also be bought from Blurb. Recent portfolios include images of the Stata Center, the building I work in, and Dark Machines, a series of images of laboratory machines commissioned (and now acquired) by the MIT Museum. A photo from this series was included in the annual auction of the Boston Photographic Resource Center. Blog here.

Personal. My father Michael Jackson is a software engineering researcher whose ideas have influenced my work greatly. My mother is a cookery writer and novelist. My brother David is the founder of Seeking Alpha; Tim is an entrepreneur and writer; and Adam is a classicist turned business strategist. My wife Claudia is a member of the class of 2018 in Yeshivat Maharat.