Wi-Vi: See Through Walls with Wi-Fi Signals
Fadel Adib      Dina Katabi

Wi-Vi is a new technology that enables seeing through walls using Wi-Fi signals. It allows us to track moving humans through walls and behind closed doors. Wi-Vi relies on capturing the reflections of its own transmitted signals off moving objects behind a wall in order to track them. Wi-Vi's operation does not require access to any device on the other side of the wall.

The video below shows a demo of how Wi-Vi can track the motion of a person inside a closed room.

Publications: See Through Walls with Wi-Fi!
Fadel Adib and Dina Katabi.   [PAPER]     [SLIDES]     [POSTER]    
ACM SIGCOMM'13, Hong Kong, August 2013

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Fadel Adib, Zach Kabelac, Dina Katabi   [PAPER]    
To Appear: Usenix NSDI'15, Oakland, California, May 2015

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