The Art and Science of Depiction -- Frédo Durand

Color Vision

Wednesday, March 7. 2001


Color blindness, color opponents, color appearance effects, color categories and culture.

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Assignments for Monday 12

Read On the relation of optics to painting (Hermann von Helmholtz)
Excerpt from Science and Culture, Popular and Philosophical Essays
briefly summarize the chapter, 1 page, 12 point double space

Send 5 lines (by e-mail) explaining the most important thing you've learnt in class this week, or the thing you do not agree about or the subject you would have liked to see developed in more details.

Illustrative image
Bring or send as jpeg an image illustrating one of the issues covered during the lectures (Tuesday or Wednesday).

Discussion issue
Send me one or two issues or reaction about this week's readings.


Further Reading

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