George J. Lee's Research

I am a graduate student in the Advanced Network Architecture group at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, or CSAIL. I am interested in applying AI techniques such as machine learning to address networking systems problems. Below I describe some of my previous research. You can view a full list of my publications here.

Intelligent Network Fault Diagnosis

I am currently working on a system for intelligent network fault diagnosis in the Knowledge Plane. I am exploring the use of model-based diagnosis, Bayesian inference, user agents, and distributed ontologies to deal with this challenge.

Context-aware Event Notification for Mobile Users

I worked at NTT DoCoMo R&D Center Network Laboratory in Japan in 2004. During that time, we developed a context-aware event notification system for mobile users. This system automatically learns user interests and delivers relevant information to mobile users. In this research, we explored the use of learning and collaborative filtering to automatically subscribe users to topics relevant for their current context.

Automatic Network Service Selection in Dynamic Wireless Networks

In the Personal Router project, we developed an intelligent user agent that automatically manages connectivity for mobile users by learning user preferences implicitly from simple, high-level input. Our research contributions were an agent architecture for automatic service selection and a mechanism for implicitly learning which services users preferred in different contexts. A paper we published at PerCom describes this system.

My Master's thesis also describes the agent we developed.

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