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Re: book

Simon Cozens wrote:

>								It doesn't
> tell you how to do memory management, garbage collection, object
> despatch, OS-independent IO, exception handling, signal handling, stack
> management, translatable bytecode output, object finalization,
> just-in-time compilation, op despatch, active data, C extensions,
> embedability, complex data type storage, scoping, or regular
> expressions. 
> But apart from that, it tells you everything you need to implement
> a modern interpreter.

Thanks for your sarcasm. About half of these we cover in our
programming language course, and about 90% of the rest we cover in our
compilers courses.

So, if you want to implement a lightweight language, consider taking a
few college courses.  If you did, and they didn't teach you squat,
consider returning your diploma.  Don't harangue those who do teach it.