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mental models of the world

As a Java/J2EE o-o guy (for the moment) I can attest to Lennon's comment
>... That means I usually don't
>want to fire up Rational Rose, grab the latest 'patterns' textbook,
>and consult a wall full of inheritance charts just to get the thing
>up and running.
The Java (and more generally O-O) worldview is great for average programmers like me
to build (or contribute to) large systems that need to be fast, robust, and maintainable.
The Scheme worldview seem to be great for brilliant programmers to build such systems;
I certainly aspire to learning and understanding their "true lambda nature".
And I think the Perl worldview applies to a wide range of programmers... but it has a sweet-spot
for quick and effective solutions to small custom problems that can leverage the extensive libraries. 
Simon Cozzens demonstrated what I think of as the epitome of Perl-ness when he used Google to find
that Python reference a few days ago.  I think Perl people have lots of such quick and
simple solutions because they think that way.
I think Python is somewhere between Perl and Scheme.
So many languages, so little time.
Robert Spector
PS.  Does anybody know what language Google is implemented in?