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Re: [NOISE] Curly braces [was Re: Curl]

I agree with what Bruce Lewis said so I won't repeat it.

   Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 10:57:35 -0500
   From: "Christopher Barber" <cbarber@curl.com>

   No one is taught math using prefix notation, so forcing them to learn it is
   a barrier to usability.  

If rest of the entire language, besides math, uses prefix notation,
then they really have to learn prefix notation anyway.

   I also would not underestimate the importance of having formulas look the
   same as they do in a book.  Not only does it lower transcription errors, it
   also makes it easier for people reading the code to verify that the correct
   formula is being used.

That's true, but don't overestimate the similarity between how they look
in most programming languages and how they look in a book.  When was
the last time you saw a math book unrelated to computers that said


?  Real math books are typeset and would use a nice-looking square-root
symbol large enough to contain the b with the small-font "2" raised
up above it followed by a minus sign, etc.