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Re: Book again, was Dylan (was: ARC)

Johan Ovlinger wrote:

> There is a bit of a pitfall you stumble into if you have two languages with
> ALMOST the same semantics and try to integrate them tightly -- e.g.
> subclassing Java classes with (J)Python classes.  I tried this as a rapid
> development approach recently, and then subsequently spent the rest of the
> week trying to find a non-existant bug in my code; it turns out that python's
> method dispatch semantics are close enough to java's to make overriding of
> java methods with python methods work most of the time, but NOT if there is
> overloading going on at the same time.  

Thanks for your interesting message.  It reflects a real danger in
cross-language OO development of the kind .NET encourages.  Here's a
lot more on this topic: a site of information by Antoine Beugnard.
You may be surprised by just how much divergence there is!  It
includes an analysis of .NET.

  Comparison of various OO languages relatively to their 
    late-binding semantics [sic]

A briefer paper on this will appear at the Foundations of
Object-Oriented Languages workshop, affiliated with Principles of
Programming Languages, to be held in late-January, 2002, in Portland.