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Re: "Python for Lisp Programmers"

I can't comment on the bizarreness of Common Lisp, which I admire but
don't use.  However:

> A fun example: I once gave a pair of C/Visual Basic programmers a
> six-hour introduction to Python.  Nine months later, I came back and
> found a bunch of stark, raving Python fanatics with a successful
> deployment behind them.  I can't *do* this with Common LISP, for all of
> the above reasons and then some.

I've done this several times (all but the deployment, since we're
talking students here, but we've had those, too) with Scheme.  And
that's even before we wrote the PLT Scheme Web server.  

Am I passionate about Scheme?  Obviously.  But maybe this is simply a
manifestation of the enthusiasm of the teacher.  Subtle dislikes tell.
(And PLT Scheme isn't Common Lisp.  You won't find a single
"car"/"cdr" in our book or my lecture notes.)