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Re: "Python for Lisp Programmers"

Scott McKay wrote:
> ... 
> FWIW, I think that generic functions make a language lighter than
> having class-based OO.  And *optional* type declarations that are
> well-integrated into the language don't really add any weight, because
> you don't have to use them.

It is, IMO, a myth that optional features do not add weight because you
don't have to use them. If other programmers use them then you have to
understand them. Libraries don't add much weight because if they are
outside of your domain (let's say you don't do anything with networking)
then you are unlikely to run into code that uses them. But core language
features (including central libraries like strings, regular expressions,
data display) will pop up all over the place so optional features have a
real cost.

 Paul Prescod