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RE: Java

> Paul Prescod wrote:
> There's a huge difference between saying: "here's the standard Java
> language and here's the standard JVM and the standard templating system
> and the standard component model" and saying: "here's the Java language.
> Please don't use it outside of the standard JVM. Here's the JVM. Please
> don't use other languages on it (they don't say this in so many words,
> but they certainly don't help!). Here's the Java GUI. Please don't use
> other GUIs (that wouldn't be 100% Java)." Python is the standard
> language for working in Zope, but they support Perl also. Zope is the
> dominant application framework for Python, but Guido would help out the
> Webware or Fourthought guys if they needed something out of Python.
> CPython is the standard PVM, but Guido helps the Jython guys with their
> alternate one.

There are a LOT of languages running on the JVM.  Sun could easily have
just kept the JVM closed - no specs or anything.  They've helped more
than enough to get all these languages running:


This isn't really anything to do with LL's though is it.  Sorry for
fuelling the fire.