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Re: Java loves C++ [was Re: MATLAB]

Quoth Morgan McGuire on Tuesday, 11 December:
: I've been very excited about it, in fact. My initial forrays yielded a
: problem, however-- GCJ doesn't have good support for the Java standard
: libraries or Swing, which are a big part of what makes Java so useful. 
: Nothing time can't fix, however...

I'm sure we're wandering afiend of the the list chart, so I'll BCC the
list.  Hopefully majordomo is smart enough to understand this is a
*good thing*.  GCJ has excellent support for the Java standard at this
point.  Of course excellent is subjective, and if it doesn't support
your favorite class -- not likely, I've compiled hundreds of thousands of
lines of J2SDK code with it, and only had to implement 2 trivial
classes, and update one to 1.4 myself -- you might consider it less
than excellent.

Swing be fixable in principle, but not in practice.  It uses
Sun-proprietary interfaces, to the degree that making Sun's source run
on top of AWT is infeasible.  And there is enormous resistance (from
RMS) to admitting Swing code into GCJ, because (as I understand it,
mind you) he's trying to protect Transvirtual's business model from
the impact of GCJ.