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RE: Curl on unix

Regarding the source for MIT's Curl:  I tried to compile it,
and the roadblock I hit was a dependency on another language -
I think it was called Y - and just try searching the web for that!
It was, I think, a functional language developed at Yale.

An email query to MIT came back saying that the source code
was not supported and referring me to curl.com.

So I had to file "curl" under the category of "some day".

Even if Y were to turn up, I don't know if I'd take the trouble.

Kevin Kelleher

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} From: Chris Double [mailto:DoubleC@acc.co.nz]
} ... 
} A very early version of Curl was available as Open Source and 
} for Linux, Windows and Solaris. See:
} http://cag-www.lcs.mit.edu/curl/ 
} The source is still available for download. Note that the 
} 'modern' Curl is slightly different from this older Curl. The 
} older 'Curl' still provides an interesting playground for 
} learning/using Curl.
} Chris.