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RE: Java

At 03:09 PM 12/7/01, McLagan, Doug wrote:
>Paul Prescod wrote:
>My newbie question is:  if in a few years a language other than Java is the
>dominant big-systems language, how will we fill in these blanks:
>____ is so much more convenient and easy to use than Java
>that it is a major step forward.  It popularizes many important
>concepts that had not caught on before:

* Generic functions and multi-methods
* Multiple inheritance (1)
* First-class functions
* Named parameters
* Syntactic extensions (macros)

(1) Multiple inheritance could well take a constrained form that does
not have the many gotchas you see even in CLOS.  Consider a piece
of Java that looks like this:

   public class InputOutputWindow
       extends Window
       implements Input using InputMixin
       implements Output using OutputMixin {