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Re: [Paul Graham <paulgraham@yahoo.com>] Re: What is alightweight language

Title: Re: [Paul Graham <paulgraham@yahoo.com>] Re: What is a
At 12:38 PM -0500 12/14/01, John Clements wrote:

At 10:17 AM -0500 12/14/01, jmarshall@mak.com wrote:
There is no need for the escape continuation.

(define (andmap fn list)
  (or (and (pair? list)
           (fn (car list))
           (andmap fn (cdr list)))
      (null? list)
      (error "Improper list.")))

I don't mean this as a nitpick.  I find it extremely rare that I need
to use call-with-current-continuation because CPS doesn't cut it.

Well, I agree that I picked a dreadful example; no context is built up.  If I understand you correctly, you're suggesting either

a) a global CPS rewrite performed by you, the author or all your code, or
b) a local CPS rewrite of the kind that you demonstrate above.

If the former, I don't see how you can build large systems this way.  If the latter, your uses of call/cc have shrunk to being able to escape from a recursive procedure which calls only leaf procedures. That is, you don't have the ability to 'abort' parts of the evaluation context which you didn't create.

john clements

Let me also respond to my own posting to agree with you: as others have said, I find it extremely rare that I need to use call/cc at all, and hence I would have to agree with you that the number of cases in which I need to use call/cc because CPSing doesn't work is small. That is, if the set B is small, it's true that some subset of B is also small.