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Re: XML as a transition to s-expr

At 11:44 AM 12/18/01, S. Alexander Jacobson wrote:
>On 18 Dec 2001, Seth Gordon wrote:
>Here is an even simpler version (no parens at all!):
>    table :cellpadding "0" :cellspacing "0"
>      tr
>        td :width "50%" "Cell one"
>        td :width "50%" "Cell two"
>Program in outline mode.  Functions only consume what is on their own line
>or indendted on another.  It is easier to process (just read it backwards).
>Equivalent to parse.  But, the important point is  for the user it is
>more readable, easier to type, and very amenable to using emacs or an
>outliner as your editor.

We're entering a discussion of either religion or politics.  For every user
you can find who thinks it's more readable or easier to type, I imagine
that someone else could trot out a user who denies it.  Please let's
not waste bandwidth on this pointless discussion.

And as I already pointed out in another, this is ambiguous, since it does
not differentiate between element attributes and element bodies.