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RE: what is the problem?

Scott McKay wrote:
> Oh, that nasty SELF language!  That never produced anything useful.
> Oh, except for, like, Java JIT compilation technology.  Never mind.

Self was also a strong influence on Javascript, which is not only a useful
scripting language, but also had a large influence on the development of the

I guess the question might be, when Self was developed, whether the primary
intent was to provide Craig Chambers with a PhD - and even if it was, does
that really matter?  Simon's original statement could be rephrased as "Many
of the [theses] I see emerging these days seem to be attempts solely to
solve the creator's lack of a Ph.D." - but isn't that sort of the point?
Why would it be good to write a thesis to get a PhD, but bad to write a

P.S. I didn't know I could get a PhD just by writing a language.  Hmmm...