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Re: what is the problem?

At 04:58 PM 12/18/01, Paul Graham wrote:
>Ah, ok, what I really meant was that it didn't have the
>lexical scope one would associated with Lisp today.
>Do you mean you couldn't rebind (rebind, not reset)
>Maybe this would be a good group to ask this question:
>is there any use for local, dynamic variables?  The
>only time I've ever used dynamic scope is to rebind
>globals like *print-base* or *standard-output*.

It strikes me that transparent support for dynamic thread-local
variables is a more useful thing.

In FunO Dylan, there's 'define thread variable' to define such a
variable, and you can use 'dynamic-bind' to bind the variable
to a new value, visible only within that thread.