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Re: XML as a transition to s-expr

Paul Prescod <paul@prescod.net> writes:

> Compare to Python or PHP and I'll be more impressed.

BRL is substantially more newbie-friendly in the areas PHP is reputed to
be friendly in: database integration, e-mail.

I'll leave the Python/Scheme comparisons to others.

> I think if you really want to make a language that will be popular with
> newbies then you need to take a more proactive approach than: "It isn't
> much worse than the languages that are available today." (or thirty
> years ago, for that matter)

I wouldn't take that approach.  Nor would I push BRL if it were only
marginally more newbie-friendly than PHP, the 2nd-place contender.  The
difference is dramatic.

BRL advantages: More newbie-friendly, more maintainable, more
performant, more secure.

PHP advantages: More established, more resembling of Perl/sh/C/Algol.

In 1996 I was looking to invent a newbie-friendly language for
server-side web programming, but then I discovered that my project was
already 90% complete in 1975.  Some time I should write up the rest of
the story.

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