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Libraries and repositories

Tony Kimball wrote:
> Really, Perl is a wonderful example of why Sun was right to hold Java
> so tightly.  There can be only one.  Wall's syntax was ugly enough so
> that no one wanted to reverse engineer it.  This was a *good thing*
> for the success of Perl, which today is driven largely by CPAN.

I don't really see the relationship. CPAN is wonderful but it has
nothing to do with Larry Wall holding on tightly to Perl's syntax. Perl
is not tightly held and it has CPAN. Java is tightly held and does NOT
have CPAN. What's your point?

Maybe the Scheme cabal could get together to and build CSAN. The trick
would be making the IO primitives (sockets, guis, FFIs, etc.) compatible
enough to allow useful code to port between implementations.

 Paul Prescod