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"everything is a string" newbie friendly?

Someone posted on alt.php wondering why there was a 0 at the beginning
of an e-mail message sent via PHP.

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From: "Marko Crnic" <paranoid-spam_is_evil@x.srk.fer.hr>
Newsgroups: alt.php
Subject: Re: Php mail problem?
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 22:42:12 +0100
Organization: Jebivjetar d.o.o.
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"muha" <sstruk@uni.hr> wrote in message:

>      $who="From:"+$sender;

Should be: $who = "From:" . $sender; (note the '.' instead of '+').

>      echo('<body onLoad="mailstatus('+$jsc+')></body></html>');

Jesi siguran da ti je ovo najsretnije rijesenje? :)

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