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error handling, BRL vs PHP

If this newbie had an analagous problem with mail in BRL, he would have
gotten a meaningful error message by default.  There may be some global
errno you can check if PHP mail() returns false, but I don't know what
it is, and none of the examples I've seen so far check the return value.

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Matt Durell wrote:

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> on Sat, 15 Dec 2001 22:41:57 GMT
> 'Tim Cowan' issued the following statement:
>>I am running apache server on linux (Mandrake 8.1) and I am trying to send
>>mail using PHP and the mail(...) function.
>>I don't get any PHP errors but no mail gets sent.
>>Does anyone know how to fix this?
> 1. do you have sendmail running?
> 2. check the setting for 'sendmail_path' in php.ini
> hth,
> m.
> _please_ read the sig:

I checked the setting in the php.ini file.  It was set at 
/etc/sbin/sendmail -t.

What should it be set at?  I tried to search for sendmail but could not 
find it.


Tim Cowan
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