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Re: Functional Paradigm popularity and Maths

"KELLEHER,KEVIN (Non-HP-Roseville,ex1)" <kevin_kelleher@non.hp.com> writes:

> In spite of this, I like Scheme.  I am frustrated by how difficult it was
> to find out how to do file i/o, how to *stop* reading the contents of a
> directory, and so on, but I like it.   I have been accumulating notes
> as I learn, in the hopes of some day (but not any day soon) of writing
> a tutorial for non-academic C-programming types.

This is more or less the goal "pleac" (http://pleac.sf.net/): 

  showing how common simple scripting tasks are achieved in a language.

  the guile part is quite advanced (thx the incredible job of Alex Shinn and
  Neil Jerram)