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Re: .NET CLR? was no subject

Eric Kidd writes:
> On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 11:10, Ken Anderson wrote:
> > However, http://www.javalobby.org/clr.html suggests that a
> > language, say L, becomes L#, a hybrid langauge, with C# warts or
> > performance limitations.  The article even quotes David Simmons
> > about Smallscript.
> The javalobby page is of uncertain accuracy at best.

The JavaLobby page is written from contemptible motives and should
probably be ignored.  As a member of JavaLobby, I got a Feb. 27 email
about .NET containing the following text:

> .Net has officially launched, and Microsoft has begun a $200,000,000
> advertising campaign to market it. Make no mistake, this massive
> campaign is aimed at persuading your peers and managers to choose
> .Net instead of Java. It is aimed squarely at you, your job, and the
> technology platform in which you have invested time and energy to
> become an expert. You probably have something to lose, and you may
> even have a lot to lose.

This is unbelievably self-centered and shortsighted; it is simply an
exhortation to resist technological change because it would obsolete
your knowledge.

There are good reasons to oppose .NET, Microsoft's pending arsenal of
patents among them, but Luddism is not a good reason.

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