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RE: .NET CLR? was no subject

Hi Brad,

> By contrast, the Python implementation was a very na´ve 
> initial implementation by it's author's own admission.  
> The Jscript folks did do a reasonable performing 
> implementation on the CLR, so it is possible, although I 
> think we can make it better or at least easier in the future.
> /Brad

Thanks for the insight -- and I'm hopeful that Eric will post a
brief review of his (soon-to-be-received) book for our collective

Kragen's post highlights a concern I have held for some time on
the subject of the CLR -- strategic use of software patents to
cripple any non-Microsoft .NET/CLR implementations.

Can you say anything to ally our (perhaps unfounded) fears?  I
know I'd be a lot more interested in using the CLR for projects
if I felt confident that the work would not end up landing me
in some kind of patent dispute.