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Re: Demystifying Continuations

   Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 02:53:03 -0500
   From: Anton van Straaten <anton@appsolutions.com>

   I naturally assume that anything written by Guy Steele comes with an 
   implicit "O grasshopper", and thus should be carefully studied, like 
   unto the most impenetrable Zen koan, so as to extract maximum possible 
   meaning!  ;^P

The Guy Steele that assumes an implicit "O grasshopper"
is not the true Guy Steele.  />P

    > So for computational science. Which is more fundamental,
    > procedures or data structures? Which is more fundamental,
    > lambda calculus or Turing machines?
   Must... resist... obvious... wisecrack...   Ah, the heck with it  --  I 
   thought Lambda was the Ultimate.... ?

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