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Re: Accumulator

paul p wrote:

> Simply when you pick up someone else's code, how much does it look like
> the Python you are used to? This is a subtle issue because obviously we
> can't force everyone to use the same function names.

(but we can encourage them to name things, and give them
useful names.  names are better than comments)

> But we can add a
> large library so that people feel less need to reinvent things. And we
> can make the language syntactically rich enough that they feel less
> inclined to reinvent primitives (e.g. exceptions, generators, maybe
> someday coroutines).

This is of course related to the regularity/readability thing you
mentioned in an earlier post.

In a way, the goal is to reduce the number of bits that you need
to conciously process when reading or writing a certain piece of
code.  Since there's a human brain involved, that's not a direct
function of the number of characters/lines of source code/nodes
in an AST/lisp elements.