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Scriptometer: measuring the ease of SOP (Script Oriented Programming) of programming languages


The Scriptometer tries to measure wether a programming language can be
easily used for SOP (Script Oriented Programming).

This is a first try. There are very few programs yet. I plan to add:
  * ease of accessing environment variable
  * ease of file access
  * a program printing something based on a few variables, something
    like: print "$name is $n"
  * ease of converting between numbers and strings
And also a category on scripting-oriented programming language features:
  * strongly-typed (esp. no segfault) => so that you can debug later
And some more languages, esp. Scheme and Common Lisp

Additions, suggestions and comments welcome (including spelling,
grammatical and stylistic corrections :)

programming languages addict      http://merd.net/pixel/language-study/