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RE: Typed exceptions

> Does MrFlow do any analysis to track which exceptions can get raised?
> Francois Passaux wrote a tool, Ocamlexc, that does this for Ocaml.
> The paper abstracts say it uses a combination of effect system and
> flow-based analysis to do the exception analysis. It's quite neat --
> it can even connect each possible exception to a source location (it
> has a GUI browser program to automate this). From your description it
> sounds like you guys already have most of the necessary infrastructure
> in place to do something similar in DrScheme.

I don't think that's in place yet.  If an exception is raised within a
with-handlers, then the handler is lexically apparent.  That case should
be easy to handle with the current apparatus.  Otherwise, the exception
flows to the current exception handler, which may be who-knows-where.  I
think we'd need some added machinery a la Ocaml to track those flows.

-- Paul