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LL2, Sat. Nov. 9, 2002 - webcast info.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Microsoft and Dr. Dobbs Journal,
we will be able to webcast the LL2 proceedings this coming Saturday,
Nov. 9.  The morning session (10am to 12:35pm EST) can be viewed at:


and the afternoon, from 1:45pm to 6pm will be at:


Please publicize this fact to people who will not be able to attend
LL2 in person.

See the web page http://ll2.ai.mit.edu/ for updated information.

In addition to our fantastic list of speakers, the group of people
registered for LL2 is an amazingly talented and diverse group.  This
should be an exciting and memorable day.

Greg      gregs@ai.mit.edu (617)253-5807
Sullivan  http://www.ai.mit.edu/~gregs/