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Re: A language idea: Elle


--- Sundar Narasimhan <sundar@ascent.com> wrote:

> It does not need to be buzzword compatible. It just has to solve the
> problems that real web application developers face. 

With respect...

I am currently working on a project where the client has specified
J2EE. Period, full stop. For this application, any solution proposed
had to be buzzword compatible or the client would not consider it at

This is my market: people who consider buzzword compatibility a
requirement, yet yearn for the lightweight languages they read about or
try in their spare time.

I recognize that there are a lot of very bright folks on this list
working on the "greenfield" problem: designing a really great language
where you start with a blank sheet of paper.

I am optimistic that fantastic advances will come out of those efforts.
But Elle isn't one of those efforts.

Please don't construe this as a suggestion that Elle would be superior
to any of the great ideas in this community. Development tools,
including languages, all occupy their own ecological niches. Ells is
for a niche where greenfield is not an option.

Reginald Braithwaite-Lee
work: rlee@infobal.com | http://www.infobal.com
personal: reg@braithwaite-lee.com | http://www.braithwaite-lee.com

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