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Re: A language idea: Elle

   > It does not need to be buzzword compatible. It just has to solve the
   > problems that real web application developers face. 

   With respect...

   I am currently working on a project where the client has specified
   J2EE. Period, full stop. For this application, any solution proposed
   had to be buzzword compatible or the client would not consider it at

   This is my market: people who consider buzzword compatibility a
   requirement, yet yearn for the lightweight languages they read about or
   try in their spare time.

That's ok Reginald. Perhaps I just couldn't understand how precisely 
Elle is J2EE compatible -- or how it uses J2EE to advantage -- from
your writeup. 

And by all means.. if you want to build on top of Java -- go
ahead. All I was trying to suggest was that buzzword compatibility
was not a necessary or sufficient condition "for me". 

You are tackling a hard problem -- i.e. web applications. IMHO, by
choosing things like J2EE or dot NET (which have made certain choices
certain ways) you constrain some of the decisions to be ones they've
already made for you -- but you also "gain" a lot in terms of what
their platforms provide. So it's a toss up.