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Re: Industry versus academia

[I mistakenly replied to Michael in private mail. So here it goes to the 
list. I hope he'll post his private reply, too.]

On Friday 21 February 2003 23:53, Michael Vanier wrote:
> To choose an example: let's say that someone invents a programming
> language Foo that has the property that programs in Foo can be
> automatically verified for correctness before use (this is of course
> a long-standing holy grail of the programming languages field, but
> never mind).  Let's say that programming in Foo requires abstruse
> knowledge of...

Hm... wouldn't it be even cooler if this mythological language could be 
used by average programmers to the same effect?

Your paragraph sounds like a desperate cry that (please! please!) all 
that esoteric knowledge amassed through hard and self-denying work 
might be important for something in the end. Please, holy programming 
deity, protect my sense of self and all that I hold dear. <evil grin> 
Yes, of course, my characterization is hugely exaggerated. I'm a 
co-sufferer anyway -- though, to my dismay(!), not as advanced --, as 
are probably most people on this list.


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