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Re: Y Store now C++

On Tuesday 25 February 2003 15:28, Paul Graham wrote:
> > And in light of the state
> > of Lisp these days, I expect there are fewer and fewer people
> > getting Lisp experience.
> I have some data that implies otherwise.  Sales of
> _ANSI Common Lisp_ are up over time, not down.  I think
> the reason is that Lispish languages like Python and Ruby
> are encouraging the more intellectually ambitious programmers
> to look into the root source of their ideas.

I've got your ACL myself and felt lucky to get a copy of your "On Lisp" 
before it went out of print. I probably would have chosen both of them 
over possible alternatives, but unfortunately, in recent years 
alternatives seem to be getting fewer. Thus boosting the sales of the 
titles the "fittest" titles.


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