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Re: Y Store now C++

On Tuesday 25 February 2003 07:04 pm, Trevis Rothwell wrote:
> I once read that while the number of students majoring in computer
> science has increased dramatically (compared to, say, 1980?), the
> number of students who are actually good at it has stayed about
> the same.

This information is old (vintage mid-1997), but...

"In the U.S., the number of computer-science graduates has plummeted
in the past decade or so, from 48,000 graduates in 1984 to an
estimated 26,000 this year."


Maybe the CS faculty on the list can update the info?


p.s., Hmmm... I may have just betrayed my chauvinist, US-centric view
of the world by giving only US statistics, but, hey, they were easy to

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