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RE: Y Store now C++

> The last time I was at a company and tried to sell technology to
> another company, the biggest problem they had with the whole idea
> was that they didn't like the language that it was in.

I have also seen this.  My very first programming job involved work
in mixture of COBOL, BASIC and VAX-11 assembly language because the
customer demanded we use COBOL, some of our guys wanted to use BASIC,
and assembly was needed for things that could not be done in the other
two languages.  Some time later I convinced management to use C for a
new project based on the observation that they would not be able to port
code written in VMS-specific dialects of COBOL and BASIC to the cheap
unix systems that were coming available at the time.  They really could
care less about the relative merits of the languages, it was primarily the
prospect of saving a significant amount of money that motivated them.

- Christopher