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RE: Y Store now C++

--- Christopher Barber <cbarber@curl.com> wrote:
> They really could
> care less about the relative merits of the languages, it was
> primarily the
> prospect of saving a significant amount of money that motivated them.

I enjoy working with managers that value saving money over technical
merit almost as much as I enjoy working with programmers that value
technical merit over saving money.

IMO, companies work well when managers and programmers have different
perspectives but respect each other enough to accommodate everybody's


It seems wonderful to have highly technical managers, but the next
thing you know they're micromanaging you and telling you 'macros
considered harmful'.

Likewise, buying into the necessity of making money is essential when
programming in a corporate context, but I can honestly say that the
worst code I've had to deal with in my career has been written by
people who lectured me on the urgency of various deadlines.

Naturally, they were 'code complete' on time but their work would
become mired in endless death march QA. Meanwhile, the programmers who
considered their work their craft would produce solid results nearly
always on time milestone after milestone...


I feel much better now! See my .sig... very appropriate for this list

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